Kingfisher Cove, Mortlake NSW

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Captain Hunter had hardly set foot in Sydney Cove when he went off to explore the upper reaches of Sydney Harbour in 1788. He stopped to breakfast at a point slightly east of what he called "Pleasant Point", at the head of what is now known as Majors Bay.

Stretched before him was the undisturbed wetlands of a picturesque cove, home to the Kingfisher.

Today Majors Bay is at the heart of Sydney, a vibrant city of over four million people. Amazingly, the views of Majors Bay have changed little since Captain Hunter rowed by, with its estuarine shoreline intact.

Highly valued for their marine habitats, these delicate shores are protected forever, and with them, your vistas of tranquility from Kingfisher Cove.

From the top deck of some terraces and apartments you can gaze over the waters of Majors Bay and across to the parklands of "Yaralla".

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